Mom Season 4 Premiere Review

Mom was my favorite show last season, so I am very happy about it returning finally for season 4.

S4E1 "High-tops and Brown Jacket"

The episode gets off to a funny start, with discussion of fake memories that Bonnie has given Christy. Jill gets a couple of solid jokes, one about Wendy being surprised by loneliness and paying the bill. At home, Christy can't take a hint when Bonnie and Adam want her out of the room, which is really entertaining.

At a meeting, Marjorie, Jill, Christy, and Wendy talk about getting laid, which is really funny. Bonnie hasn't been to a meeting in a while, setting up a potential major issue in the future. I hope she doesn't start drinking again, as we have already done that story.

Jill takes Christy to a meeting with hot guys, and it is really funny when she speaks at it. It looks like things are going to work out for Christy, but Jill gets in the way. Bonnie gets mad at Adam for little things, and it is a weaker story, but I like how it ends. The episode ends with a great funny and serious moment with Jill and Christy.

Jamie Pressley was especially funny this week. Bonnie's story was weaker, but Christy's was great. Overall, it was a

Score: 8.5/10

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