Superstore S2E6 Review

Superstore gets its first chance at the holidays this year, starting with Halloween this week.

S2E6 "Halloween Theft"

The employees call Dena "Booge", a Halloween version of Scrooge, which is really funny, and I loved that Sandra was dressed up like Dena. There are some really funny short scenes with Myrtle and a grim reaper. Dena discovers there has been an employee theft, and it is really funny when she tells everyone to freeze.

Jonah and Cheyenne talk as they work together, and it is really funny when Cheyenne asks if when Jonah says "drinking" he means alcohol. Dena's interrogations are hilarious, I love every scene of this. It is also hilarious when Myrtle gets distracted while guarding the door.

It's really funny when Glenn notices all of the differences at the other Cloud 9. I love when Garrett is interrogated by Dena, it is very funny. Glenn finally stands up against Dena, and it is a great moment. I loved how the episode ended with Jonah having a line about how his costume is Brexit.

This was an excellent episode, with many hilarious moments. This may be the best episode of the season, or even ever.

Score: 10/10

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