The Good Place S1E6 Review

This week Eleanor has to help Michael find the problem in The Good Place.

S1E6 "What We Owe to Each Other"

Eleanor and Chidi have a hilarious conversation about contractualism, and then Michael provides some great commentary on Friends. Jason uses a magic 8 ball to decide what to say, and it is hilarious. I love it when he says "made in Taiwan". Eleanor helps Michael, and I loved his line about the suspicious rocks.

Eleanor and Michael have a day of fun, and it is very funny, with Michael's Friends obsession, and the things that Eleanor teaches Michael. In a flashback, Eleanor tries to tell a dog when to eat certain food, which is really funny. Also, Chidi creates some funny moments with Tahani and Jason.

Eleanor tries to be there for Michael, and he has yet another hilarious Friends line. Michael calls a neighborhood meeting, where Michael says he has to leave forever, a great cliffhanger ending. What will happen next week? I am very excited!

This was a great episode. Michael's Friends-related lines were fantastic, and the other parts of the episode were very enjoyable as well.

Score: 9.5/10

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