Bull S1E3 Review

I am enjoying procedurals with strong leads this fall (Bull and Conviction). Let's see what my thoughts are on this week's Bull!

S1E3 "Unambiguous"

The episode takes on a case being talked about on a popular podcast. It is an interesting set-up for the episode. A great moment is when the girl has a panic attack, and Bull helps her calm down. It was a great way to show him utilizing his psychological knowledge outside of court.

Bull is very entertaining pretending to be a reporter in order to play the woman with the podcast. This episode seems to spend less time with the defendant and with the mock and mirror jurries, Instead, it behaves like a typical police procedural, which is sad because this show normally provides an interesting twist on that.

The episode gets better when Bull coaches the defendant on testifying in court. These scenes are especially strong. The verdict felt like less of a victory this week, because it felt like it wasn't much of a struggle to get there, but rather that it was a given.

The panic attack scenes were strong, but the case did not feel like it was very difficult for Bull to win this week. It was a weaker episode.

Score: 6.5/10

What did you think of "Unambiguous"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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