The Middle S8E3 Review

It's Halloween on The Middle this week!

S8E3 "Halloween VIII: The Heckoning"

Axl is very mean to his family since he is with April all of the time. April is in this episode, and hilarious is how dumb she is. I especially loved "first door on the left". Brick plans to stand outside a party on Halloween and hope to get invited in by a parent, which is really funny. Sue is angry that Brick won't give her Tina/Santiago (her room) back.

Frankie is mad that her kids would want to live with Mike if they got a divorce. She has a hilarious scene where she talks to the kids about it at breakfast. It is also really funny when she attempts to storm out.  Frankie is really funny out on Halloween, and then she has a great conversation with April.

The part of the episode with Sue and Brick fighting over the room was fairly weak, but the rest of the episode was great.

Score: 9/10

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