CW Renew/Cancel: In Supernatural's Case, Expect a Season 13

Well, that is definitely the fourth CW post this week. More premieres means more initial predictions and a prediction downgrade. Let's get to the predictions!

Final Season
Certain to be Canceled
Likely to be Canceled

Likely to be Renewed
Certain to be Renewed
The Vampire Diaries

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
The Flash

No Tomorrow

Jane the Virgin


Why is Supernatural "Certain to be Renewed"? 
The unsung hero of the CW returns to form in its return to Thursday, about where last spring's numbers were. It's the third highest rated show on the network this week. With the rest of the network crashing and burning with two ratings losers, Supernatural should be fine.

Why am I "Watching" DC's Legends of Tomorrow?
It's lower than last spring's numbers. A 0.6 is somewhat mediocre, but not cancel-worthy. I'll see where it settles before moving it to likely renewal territory.

Why is Arrow "Likely to be Renewed"?
A 0.7 was enough for it to slip out of the top 3, and the buzz is not great. Still, I don't see a scenario where the CW would cancel it, as I think that more episodes would add to the syndication package with TNT.

Currently, I'm predicting that two shows will certainly be canceled at the end of the season. With 15 shows this season, I don't think that the CW will be so lenient with low-rated shows as the network was with previous seasons. Stay tuned next week as I give an initial prediction to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but at this point, I think the outlook is becoming more favorable for it.

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