The Middle S8E2 Review

This week, Sue discovers she isn't in college anymore, Brick has difficulty swallowing a pill, and Axl keeps visiting his girlfriend in Orson.

S8E2 "A Tough Pill to Swallow"

At the beginning of the episode, Sue heads to class, and a comment she makes about her boyfriend really makes it seem like an adult relationship. Sue is just like we know her to be, however, when she discovers she isn't on the list for any of her classes. She discovers, in a hilarious scene with a person working at the school, that she didn't renew her financial aid, and now all she can do is pay the tuition in order to stay in college.

Mike goes to help Sue, and it is hilarious when he is very nice. There is then a sweet moment where both Mike and Sue express their frustration and sadness. Sue prepares to leave college, but then discovers she is back in. Back at home, Mike reveals to Frankie he sold his half of the diaper business to pay for college, which is a really sweet moment. The episode ends as Frankie hilariously tells Mike her business ideas.

Brick has to swallow a pill this week, which is difficult for him. Frankie is really funny when she attempts to help him swallow the pill by forcing him. Frankie attempts to parallel park to get Brick to swallow a pill, and her failure causes the pill to go down, which is really funny.

Axl keeps going to Orson to see his girlfriend, inconveniencing Hutch, and he has a hilarious argument with Hutch where they decide to freeze each other out, and Hutch insults Axl's hair. He then tries to scooter to Orson, and it's hilarious. Hutch ends up revealing to Axl how he is happy for him, but missed hearing from Axl over the summer, which is a sweet moment between the two friends.

This was a great episode. All of the storylines had many funny moments, and there were really sweet moments for two of them.

Score: 10/10

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