The Good Place S1E8 Review

This serialized new comedy's story is escalating quickly, and I can't wait for a new episode every week. After last week's major cliffhanger, I was really looking forward to this week's episode.

S1E8 "Most Improved Player"

The episode begins with an interrogation. Michael has a list of bad things that he asks Eleanor if she has done, and it is a wonderful list. The funniest part, however, is when Janet brings a cactus instead of what the person wants. I was laughing so hard I was crying during this. This also showed how the murder of Janet may end up helping Eleanor stay in the good place, since Janet can't retrieve Eleanor's file.

Michael talks to Tahani, and then Jason. It is hilarious when the lie detector says Michael is lying when he says that Tahani was helpful, and when Michael takes deep meaning from what Jason does. I was pretty surprised that Janet retrieved Eleanor's file so soon, really upping the stakes. I loved a line when Eleanor asks Michael not to judge her, and he says that is the whole purpose.

Eleanor tells a story of how she sold T-shirts making fun of one of her friends, and the excuses she makes to Michael are pretty funny. The people from the bad place come to pick up Eleanor, and they are pretty funny. Eleanor says goodbye, and it is a great serious moment. The train is really funny, I am enjoying Adam Scott's guest appearance a lot. Michael stops them from taking Eleanor, but then it is revealed that there is another Eleanor.

This was the best episode so far. Janet with the cacti was the funniest thing, and the story went great at the end,

Score: 10/10

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