Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 3 Review

Scream Queens- Handidates
Scream Queens has been really good this season, even though it hasn't quite reached the magic of Season 1. So I'm excited to see what they have in store for us tonight.

          The episode begins with the Chanels and Munsch dumping Tyler's body into the swamp. There's some really good lines in here. Chanel believes that #5 is the killer, but her reasoning is definitely flawed.

         Next, Chad's friend seems to have been completely cured of his disease. Unfortunately, he believes that the Green Meanie is just a test. He is incorrect. The Green Meanie kills him, and it's funny, because he just says how much it hurts. Of course it does! You're being murdered.

          Munsch and the Chanels then go to see Hester, who won't give any information without her outrageous demands being met. Munsch won't give in, but she does give her a VCR copy of A Room With a View, which is one of my favorite parts of the episode. Munich gets a text from Chad, and she goes to hear him out. He explains who Brock's hand came from: a serial killer.

         We meet a new patient (played by Cheri Oteri, my favorite SNL cast member ever) who has persistent genital arousal disorder (she has lots of orgasms). Her husband left her after realizing that all of her orgasms during their marriage were fake. This is pretty funny.

         Then, Cassidy tells #3 why he decided to become a doctor: he's dead. You read that right. Apparently, Dr. Cascade died after chocking on his own vomit at a party. Okay, then. #3 doesn't care because she is strange as hell, and she doesn't feel alive, either.

        Chad and Brock meet for another delightfully strange shower scene, and Brock says that he's going to ask Chanel to marry him. After knowing each other for like two weeks. Alright, then.

           Munsch and the girls (along with Denise!) head to see the owner of a lotion company that survived the Halloween Massacre. On the night of the murders, he was in the bathroom and survived that way. He was offered millions to keep quiet. He helps them come to the conclusion  that the killer is probably the son of the pregnant woman whose husband was killed by the doctors. Chad fits the description: 30 years old and 6 feet tall. This whole part is pretty funny, especially any of Denise's lines.

        Chad decides that he's going to propose to Chanel. Kinda. He hands her a prenup, which she happily agrees to. (Aww, they're in love. Well, they're in as much love as two egomaniacs can be). Brock is spying on them from a distance.

      Chanel asks #3 and Zayday to be her bridesmaids. She also has a very special proposal for #5: she wants her to be her ring bearer (they aren't that close, duh) dressed like a dog.

     Cheri Oteri's patient is healed and is ready to leave. She's already told the media about her "excellent" care. Unfortunately for her, she is decapitated by the Green Meanie (she really should have just lived with the constant orgasms). The Green Meanie spares Zayday, for some reason.

      Now we're at Chanel and Chad's wedding, and everything seems fine. Chad made Chanel go down the aisle first because he'll always put her first (aww). Then the fairytale ends. Chad's corpse drops from the ceiling. The End.

This episode had a chance to be so great. But they really blew it. Cheri Oteri's character was barely even on the screen, but what we saw was great. Alec Mapa's Nurse Lynn was great, too. But then they had to royally fork it up by killing Chad, who made Season 1 and Episode 2 of the show so awesome. He was a great character, and killing him off was so stupid. It tainted an otherwise-good episode.
Score: 5/10
Grade: D

I'll also provide a grade of what the episode could have been rated, had they not killed Chad.
Score: 7.5/10
Grade: B-

And now, a song for the dearly departed Chad Radwell. Farewell, you stupid, stupid idiot. I mean that in the best possible way.
Chad Radwell, 2015-2016

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