Modern Family S8E4 Review

Castle's Nathan Fillion guest stars this week on Modern Family.

S8E4 "Weathering Heights"

Phil is going on the news this week, and it is really funny how he does his makeup. Cam and Mitch are still hosting the football player, and Cam is hilarious in an interview where he calls himself a hero.

The episode makes fun of Gloria's accent, but it is much different than the Halloween episode of season two, where she is heard incorrectly, she just seems to say nonsense at times. It is way too over the top, and it is annoying, as she has never spoken this poorly before. I am surprised the show would stoop this low.

Phil is hilariously excited about meeting weatherman Rainer Shine. Cam and Mitch's story is funny when it gets to the scene with the fake police officer. Phil's story concludes in a funny way when he makes up with Rainer Shine, and Manny's project ends up with a sweet moment for Jay.

This was a fairly solid episode, aside from the Gloria part, which was terrible.

Score: 7/10

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