Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 4 Review

The last episode of Scream Queens killed off a major character that was one of the best on the show, and was one of my least favorite episodes of Scream Queens to date. Let's see if this episode can redeem Scream Queens. I'm sure it can. It is Chanel-O-Ween, after all.

        Almost immediately after Chad's death, Chanel changes into her Jackie Kennedy costume, because, like Jackie O, she is a grieving widow (well, kind of). This is pretty funny. Denise and Munsch go to visit Hester, and they ask her for information on who the killer is. Of course, Hester wants something for herself. She wants to go the the Halloween party, but her request is denied.

        Thankfully, Chanel-o-Ween is still going on. We see videos of many of Chanels fans (Why does she have fans? Does she actually do anything that would give her such a large following?) opening their awful presents from Chanel, including hearts and bile. This is a great part of the episode, and it thankfully makes Chanel happy to tell these people how much she hates them (Let's admit it. She hates anything with a pulse).

       At the reading of Chad's will, it is found out that all of Chad's family members are dead, and that their fortune went to Chad. This makes Chanel happy, because she thinks she's going to be super rich. Unfortunately for her, Chad leaves his money to the CURE Institute. It is also found out that Chad changed his will the day of his murder. Chanel tries to kill Chad's lawyer, which is hysterical.

     Chanel is starting to look a bit rough, and Brock gives her some medicine to help her. The next morning, when Chanel wakes up, she is more than a little blue. She is turned Blue from head to toe.

      While alone at the hospital, Denise is attacked by the Green Meanie. She pulls out her gun, starts shooting, and the Green Meanie goes away. Chanel is at a different part of the hospital, and she gets attacked by someone in a terrifying Ivanka Trump costume. Chanel is stabbed by "Ivanka"  but she is fine. It is revealed that Hester was under the mask, but #5 is actually blamed, as she was planning to dress up as Ivanka.

      At the Halloween party, everyone comes out in costume, Munsch is dressed as Hamilton, Brock is dressed as Batman V. Superman's script (and he disses the movie, which is great). Chanel is Smurfette, Zayday is Isis, Cassidy is Ryan Lochte, and Chamberlain is Mario. A bunch of people rush into the hospital with strange symptoms, and Brock diagnoses it as poisoning from the apples. In actuality, the Green Meanie poisoned them as a distraction.

     Denise and Chanel have a seance, so that they can see who Chad loved more. Unfortunately for Chanel, Chad loved Denise more. Chad attempts to reveal the killer to Chanel, but he gets interrupted.

   We see #5, who is dressed as Ivana Trump, not Ivanka. The confusion is pretty understandable, though. #5 goes off to do something helpful, but gets stabbed by the Green Meanie. Denise comes across #5, but she gets electrocuted by the Green Meanie, multiple times. We are left to wonder whether of not #5 will survive, but Denise is a goner for sure.

This episode killed Denise, the funniest character left, a week after killing Chad. Good job, Scream Queens. You really want to earn that cancellation. Also, where the hell is Ingrid? Did you guys forget that Kirstie Alley is supposed to be on this sinking ship? You ruined an otherwise perfect episode with killing Denise. Losing #5 would have been a loss. But an acceptable one.  Losing Denise is awful and was so stupid. What's next? Killing Chanel? Ugh. And I was wrong. This episode did nothing to redeem Scream Queens. It just added fuel to the fire by killing another fan favorite.

Score: 9/10
Grade: A-

Other than killing the best character on Scream Queens, this episode was the best of the season and would have received the first 10/10 of the season. But I had to take a point off for killing Denise.

And now, another tribute.

Farewell, Denise. You were an excellent character, and you will be sorely missed by the 25 people that still watch Scream Queens.
Denise Hemphill, 2015-2016

I'm not sure when Scream Queens will air next, but whenever that it, I'll be back to review it.

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