The Simpsons Season 28 Episode 5 Review

After reviewing the Simpsons' 600th episode last week, I've decided to make these reviews a weekly thing.

    The main storyline of this episode is about Kent Brockman, Springfields news reporter. It is discovered that he has been lying about witnessing things he did not, similar to the Brian Williams controversy. He is fired for fibbing, and has to find another way to make a living. His agent asks him is he can "Say he's a liberal, then lose every argument", in order to join Fox News. This is pretty funny.

    Another storyline in this episode is Homer wanting to get new clothes, following his loss of a promotion to a co-worker. This doesn't work out so well for him, as Mr. Burns does not care.

     The best storyline in this episode involves Lisa, Bart, and Krusty. Krusty has a new product called Krusty's Krustaceans. The product is tasty, but very unhealthy. Lisa sets to expose the product as poison.

This was not a very good episode. After a solid 600th episode, this one was pretty boring. And nothing really happened. The Kent story seemed too similar to the Brian Williams controversy, and, since it's been nearly two years since that, seemed out of place. There really weren't many laughs to be found, and it just made me look forward to the next episode of Son of Zorn.

Score: 6/10
Grade: C-

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