FOX Renew/Cancel Watch: The Exorcist Bumped Up to a Likely Renewal

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Why Is The Exorcist Likely to be Renewed?
The Exorcist has been bounced around categories a lot lately, and a case could be made for either position. What is striking with The Exorcist though is that it rose yet again, this time up to a 0.8 A18-
49 demographic, and on a Friday, which FOX has had trouble programming lately. This episode also had a 50% skew in the A18-49 demographic, meaning that it is relatively young-skewing and more than likely sees some boosts in delayed viewing being that it's a young-skewing show on a Friday (which by the way is practically unheard of). 

From a numbers perspective, its ad rate correlation value may be a blessing or a curse; barring a formula change on my part, it far clears the 0.5-0.6ish "expectation", though that also means that FOX isn't charging a whole lot on an advertisement and hence can't be making a ton of money off this season. However, it is also keeping its head above water in TRUE PLUS (a metric I explained in the last post), where it is ahead of Scream Queens and Rosewood. It's just a tad behind fellow newbies Son of Zorn and Pitch, and can easily overtake either of them as time progresses. 

What's Next?
I can definitely see a scenario next season where also-rising procedural Rosewood and niche baseball drama Pitch are paired together on Fridays (instead of Thursdays), which would probably be the only scenario I can currently see where both survive. It's not looking good for Scream Queens, having just hit a 0.6 L+SD rating. Even if it sees those nice C3 boosts it had next season, at least last season its L+SD was somewhat of a bubble show, whereas this season it will have to REALLY make up some ground. I'll keep my eye on it, but right now, it's the lowest-rated show on FOX.

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