Modern Family S8E5 Review

Halloween hasn't been the best holiday for Modern Family, with the holiday's episode being the worst one of the season in seasons 4 and 6, despite a strong initial Halloween episode in season 2.

S8E5 "Halloween 4: The Revenge of Rod Skyhook"

Jay insists that he dresses up like Jesus, while Joe dresses up as Joseph. It is a very typical Jay thing, to be convinced it has to be this way. It is especially hilarious when his rival is dressed as the devil. This was definitely the funniest story of the night.

Mitch and Claire have a history of pranking each other on Halloween, and this results in a hilarious moment from last Halloween. Cam is angry about a kid who is apparently his nemesis. It turns out, however, that Claire threw an egg that hit Cam. This story wasn't that funny, but it also didn't seem to get as much time.

Luke has a party, but no one comes. Haley decides to help, since she is a promoter, and there is a hilarious line about how she used to buy weed...or wigs from one person. It is really funny when Claire goes around the other party to get people to go to Luke's.

I really enjoyed Jay and Gloria, and Manny was really funny too. Luke's story had some strong moments, and Mitch and Cam's wasn't bad. This was a much stronger episode than the last two Halloween ones.

Score: 8/10

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