Designated Survivor S1E5 Review

After a week off, Designated Survivor returns this week. The show hasn't been as great so far as I had expected it to be, but it is still plenty enjoyable.

S1E5 "The Mission"

Kirkman's main focus this week is that people remain alive. He worries about a village during a bombing, and prioritizes the safety of those serving above all else. However, even with this as a priority, things can still go wrong, as proved when a chopper goes down. This ends up not having major effects though, until later on, when there is one casualty, which is better than it could have been, but still one more than Kirkman would like.

The family doesn't get very much focus this week, with the first lady not appearing until the third act, and the kids not appearing at all. I think this is a shame. They don't get much focus anyway, especially the kids, and I think there is potentially for a lot of interesting stories here. At least this week, we do get one interesting revelation.

I really enjoy seeing Seth as press secretary, and I wish there was more of this, as there is so much going on that he needs to spin for the press. Hannah's story advances very little each week, but this week her discoveries are really interesting. The mystery of room 105 is very engaging, and would be more so if the scenes regarding it weren't so spaced out.

Some interesting reveals this week potentially make way for great future storylines. This week, the parts with the team going into Algeria were good, and Hannah's story is great.

Score: 8.5/10

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