TV Ratings Guide Pilots Title Card Announcements

Following the TV Ratings Guide's big day of Pilot pickups (and a series pickup), Title Cards have been created for each new show. In total, eleven pilots were picked up. One reality series received a straight to series order. Title cards, as well as descriptions of each show, can be found below. Not all pilots will receive a series order, but eight will.

Marietta: A new, and fresh sitcom about a United States Senator from Louisiana who must adjust to life after losing her re-election bid. She was in the Senate for 20 years, but now she has time to devote to her family, and the citizens of New Orleans, the city her brother is mayor of. But as her term-limited brother's term comes to an end, Marietta must decide whether or not to keep a Landfield in the mayor's office

Terror In America: A political anthology series, with the first season following a domestic terrorist group that is plotting to assassinate some of the nation's most influential politicians, including the Vice President, House Majority Leader, Senate Majority Leader, and Secretary of State.

Delta!: Hails from Rebecca Bunch, and is a dramedy that follows a thirty year old lounge singer, Delta Fleming, who is trying to get through life as a single woman, who lives in her mother's basement, while still maintaining close relationships with four people who are all polar opposites. She has to avoid her boss, and former boyfriend, Rick, who almost certainly still loves her. The supporting cast includes her college professor-turned-stepfather, her perfect brother, her crazy (and also alcoholic) best friend, and her former childhood neighbor, who is secretly dating Rick.

Imperfect World: Hailing from Hunter Vogt, Imperfect World is about an optimistic, book-smart girl who decides to move to the city just like her idols, her much older siblings, but she has no idea how difficult adult life really is.

POTUS'd Follows Raymond Brooks, a man selected vice president because he is well liked by both sides of the political aisle and for his incredible charm, even though his political views are vastly different than the President-to-be’s, and despite the fact that he's just 38. But when the president gets cancer a month into his term, and is given nine months to live, Raymond must prepare himself to become the next president.

SugarLand: A workplace-hangout comedy that is about five best friends and co-workers at the nation's largest candy factory, the show will follow their professional and personal lives. Mitch is the floor manager who frequently takes the blame for the many mistakes of his friends, and his career is frequently in danger. But, his friends, including his sister Mary, his college roommate Tom, and his cousin Maggie, and Clay, who they all know for some reason, always come through for him, and save his job at the Sugariest Place on Earth. 

Nightmare on 99: Will tell the story of Jean and Rich. They had the perfect life. They traveled almost all of the time, had a great family, and were very wealthy. Then one drive home threatened to change everything. Rich accidentally cuts off a crazy man while driving to their hotel, and the next five minutes of their life could alter how their lives end-- or go on.

Network: A sitcom depicting the lives of network executives as they deal with the consequences of putting a show on the air that turns out to be a major flop in ratings. We hear the series will follow an anthology format.

Family Reunion: Features different families reuniting for a family reunion each week. Will interview family members, and also features their interactions. 

Family Reunions: A warmhearted family comedy, about well, family reunions.

Tsunami Territory: About the unpopular mayor of a coastal city who faces disastrous times after a tsunami hits his city, which adds on top of current family issues. Tsunami Territory is a political and family drama.

Back to Class: Follows six young high school teachers as they try to educate today's youth at the high school they once attended.

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