Fresh Off the Boat S3E2 Review

Emery starts middle school, and Louis gives Jessica a gift she didn't ask for this week on Fresh Off the Boat.

S3E2 "Breaking Chains"

This week, Jessica struggles with a messy house, so Louis gets an cleaning lady to help. Jessica watches her and criticizes everything that she does, but when Louis gets the maid to work while Jessica is gone, she discovers that she did a good job. Jessica admits to Louis why she likes to clean the house. This story wasn't as funny as it could have been, with surprisingly few funny moments.

Emery is starting middle school, which leads to Evan being hilariously depressed and Eddie giving him a binder of all of the hilarious lies he has told that he has to stick to. Evan refuses to let another kid sit next to him on the bus because it was Emery's seat, and he demands respect, which is hilarious. Emery is upset about having to stick to Eddie's lies, so Evan talks to Eddie, which is entertaining. It all ends how anyone would expect, with Eddie and Emery coming to a compromise.

Jessica and Louis weren't that funny this week, but Evan was great, and Emery and Eddie had some good moments.

Score: 7.5/10

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