Saturday Night Live Report Card: Season 42, Episode 3- Emily Blunt

Tonight's SNL was very anticipated for me, as I could;t wait to see their take on the presidential debate, the Trump sexual assault allegations, and hopefully more Melania Moments. Let's see if they live up to the hype.

Cold Open: Town Hall:

This was great, as always. The "President Hillary Clinton" line was great. And probably pretty true. Cecily Strong was really great in this sketch. But, of course, Kate McKinnon stole the show again. And Alec Baldwin was a great Trump. The part with the Jaws theme was great, because I thought the same thing watching the debate. I loved the part with Ken Bone, too. This was a really great sketch about a dumpster fire of a debate.
Grade: A
Score: 9.5

Emily Blunt Monologue:

Comedy-wise, this monologue wasn't spectacular (though it was an improvement on last week). But it just made you feel so good and happy, which is great considering we're in the middle of one of the strangest, nastiest elections ever. And those puppies were just so cute.
Grade: C-
Score: 6


I don't know what to make of this sketch. I don't know if I loved it or hated it. It was strange, but I think I loved it. Leslie Jones was great as an escort that thinks she's a really great Stewie Griffin. She is not.
Grade: B
Score: 8


This was pretty good. It took me awhile to realize what was going on, but once I do, I was on board with the whole thing.It was far from being the Kellyanne Conway sketch from last week, but it was still an enjoyable sketch. The part with Tiffany Trump was great. And the part with Mike Pence was fun, too.
Grade: B
Score: 8

Short Film:

This was strangely great. The fact that poor Vanessa Bayer was the only person other than the cast and crew that actually showed up to this was great. The passing of the microphone (all the time) was fun. And then we find out that it actually WAS Emily Blunt in the film (can we even call it that?) was funny. And of course none of the cast is doing anything. That film was awful! But hey, at least Kate McKinnon is going shopping later.
Grade: B+
Score: 8.5


I really loved this little ad. It started off as a nice, women-empowering ad, and quickly the narrator started saying "CHONK" and you could see the look of disgust on the ladies faces. It just went downhill from there. And then they introduced their tween department, 'lil CHONK. That's when Aidy Bryant's character has had enough. And then they showed their mens store, Normal Clothes.
Grade: A+
Score: 10

Weekend Update:

Tonight's Update was pretty good. They had two great characters appear (Olya and Laura Parsons). But something seemed a little off. The jokes were pretty good in the beginning, but some fell pretty flat tonight. Olya was great tonight, as always. And I think that this was the best Laura Parsons appearance to date.
Grade: B
Score: 8

Drive Through

What was this? Whatever it was, it certainly was strange. But good strange. I really loved this one, and I don't know why. It was really funny, with great performances by everyone involved. It really was a lot of fun to watch. Even though it was freaking weird as hell.
Grade: A-
Score: 9

The Sink:

This was a decent little sketch. It wasn't anything stellar, but it was short, sweet, and enjoyable. The part where the water was turned on was the best part of the sketch.
Grade: C+
Score: 7

Honda Robotics:

This was really strange, and not all that funny. It pretty much just centered on two robots that weren't functioning properly. It didn't really go anywhere. But, would you like some mac and cheese balls?
Grade: F
Score: 3

Melania Moments #3:

I'm very glad that this has become a recurring sketch. They're so short and so great that they fit perfectly in the show. This was the best yet, with Melania just wanting to switch places with the maid, so she can go touch sand and stuff.
Grade: B+

The Great British Bake-Off:

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the Great British Bake-Off? Well, now I did. Anyways, this sketch was pretty good. It wasn't my favorite of the night, but it was nice. Everyone did a pretty good job on this one, and Emily Blunt and Cecily Strong played great weirdos. And I agree with "Mary". That was the worst cake I have ever seen. What the hell was that?
Grade: B
Score: 8


This was an incredibly odd sketch. I didn't understand it. But I kinda liked it. It was strange. I don't know who thought of this sketch, but I have a question: What was this?
Grade: 6
Score: C-

Tonight was strange. Some sketches were so great, and others were about Honda Robots. All in all, tonight was mediocre.
Grade: B-
Pass or Fail: Pass
MVP of the Week: Aidy Bryant (It couldn't be Kate 3 weeks in a row)
The "Unsung Hero" Award: Vanessa Bayer
Sketch of the Night: CHONK
Worst of the Night: Honda Robots

Top 5 Hosts of the Season:
1) Margot Robbie
2) Lin-Manuel Miranda
3) Emily Blunt

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