American Housewife 'Pilot' and 'The Nap' Review

American Housewife- The Nap

I've decided to begin reviewing ABC's new sitcom American Housewife. Because I'm starting a week late, I'll give a very short review of the Pilot before reviewing episode 2.

American Housewife delivered what I believe to be the third best pilot of the new shows. It was smart, witty, and incredibly funny. It fits very well with ABC's other Tuesday family comedy shows, and was much better than the trailers. The show was fantastic, and I'm happy to add it to my DVR permanently.
Score: 9.5/10
Grade: A

The Nap

       The episode starts out with all three of Katie's kid waking her up in the morning. Oliver thinks he's having a heart attack, Anna-Kat had a bad dream, and Taylor goes for a run. She wakes up in the morning, exhausted, and her husband is well-rested (9 hours of sleep, to be exact). She drops off her kids at work, and she is harassed by Sandy, the school's crossing guard. Sandy doesn't want Katie to drop off her kids on the sidewalk. This whole scene is just hilarious, and I want more of Sandy. And a Sandy spin-off. Katie then realizes that Oliver left his lunch in the car, and she takes it to him. The school nurse sees Katie, and she asks for when the kids got their vaccinations.

      When Katie returns home from school, all she wants to do is nap. Unfortunately, she returns home to find Greg, who is "sick".  He tells her that he signed up to read at Anna-Kat's school, and he wouldn't want to get her class sick. Katie gets up and heads to the school to read. At the school, Katie freaks out and talks to the kids about having to give up her job to raise kids. After reading, Katie goes to sleep in her car, but Sandy comes a-knocking and interrupts her nap.

       Unfortunately for Katie, the hell doesn't end there. Oliver committed some insider trading in on of his clubs, and he's suspended for the day. Anna-Kat doesn't have her booster shot. Taylor signed up for a bunch of sports and never told Katie. So she has to pick up her children from school. Unfortunately, Sandy strikes again. She puts a boot on her car and puts cones around it. Katie has a heart-to-heart with Sandy, but Sandy is a cold, heartless bench. Katie drives off (with four of Sandy's cones). During their drive, Oliver insults Katie by saying she doesn't have a job. So Katie pulls over.
Katie tells Oliver to get out, and she makes him and Anna-Kat clean up garbage. This scene is hysterical, and I loved every second of it.

    At the episode's end, the kids and Greg all walk in on Katie while she's taking a bath. She puts a few things, like the school newsletter and Sandy's written warning, in the bath with her. Then, when she gets fed up and wants them out, she splashes them with water. This is great, and a nice way to end the episode.

This was a spectacular half hour of television. It's so honest and real that makes it so incredibly relatable. American Housewife has become one of my favorite new shows on television. It receives the highest grade I've ever given to a show that I review on the TV Ratings Guide. Power to ya, Katie.
Score: 10/10
Grade: A+

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