Designated Survivor S1E4 Review

After a weak episode last week, I came into this week's episode with hopes that the show could improve. Let's see what happened!

S1E4 "The Enemy"

Kirkman has an eventful morning, after a night with a whole three hours of sleep, and he has to decide if sacrificing one life is worth it. The conflict with Michigan continue, and I had to roll my eyes when the governor quotes Reagan, way too typical. Hannah's investigation gets interesting, but gets little screen time.

The feud between the federal and state government gets more intense when the national guard refuses to federalize, and I am excited by this intensity. Seth takes over the role of press secretary (though he could never be a CJ Craig). Protest intensifies in Michigan, and that gets me excited. I love when the people demand justice!

Maggie Q has a great scene where Hannah has to deal with the fact that her boyfriend didn't survive, proving she deserves much, much more screen time. Kirkman really takes control as president this week, and I am loving it.

I was unsure about this episode at the start, but it warmed up on me. I hope that Maggie Q gets more screen time, because her story could be very interesting.

Score: 9/10

What did you think of "The Enemy"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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