Bull S1E4 Review

This week's episode travels to Texas. Let's see if it can keep its strength there.

S1E4 "Callisto"

This week's case is a woman being sued for a drug she developed because a pharmaceutical company is claiming they developed it first. The team travels to Texas, where the odds seem impossibly against them, but Bull plans to take on the challenge. The show really works hard to make sure this town they go to looks horrible.

The episode goes full-on Texas town. It made me realize how, in many of the scenes, it isn't the main cast that does a lot of the talking. That's what happens when you have a legal drama where the main character isn't actually a lawyer that speaks in court.

The usual tech and usual pace of the show feels out of place in a Texas town instead of a big city like New York. The mirror jury gets dismissed from the court, which made me worry that the episode, like last week, will have little focus on the jurors. The episode's focus seems to be the town, and Bull's past experience there.

Things seem to be going wrong, but it turns out it was all part of Bull's master plan. These are the kind of stories I didn't really want. I like when he shows off his psychological brilliance, but when he is a genius otherwise, it seems like too much. The team tests a strategy on kids, which I think was an interesting way to test a strategy. The episode ends with the case getting dropped, due to some smart maneuvering.

This was a disappointing episode. It felt strange to be out of New York, which was probably an unwise choice this early on. Also, like last week, this episode had very little focus on the jurors.

Score: 5/10

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