Jane the Virgin S3E3 Review

Jane the Virgin's Jane has been a virgin for along time, despite having a child. But this week, Jane the Virgin may no longer be a virgin...

S3E3 "Chapter Forty-Seven"

The episode starts with Jane and Michael ready to have sex, but things keep getting in the way. Finally, they are able to, and Jane is no longer Jane the Virgin. However, things go wrong (in the exact way I expected them to) when Jane accidentally records the act and sends it to her adviser.

Another issue with Jane's first time is that she didn't have an orgasm. This leads to multiple failed attempts. At the end, Jane and Michael watch the video to discover what went wrong.

Alba tells Jane about her sister, who was the one who told her family that she wasn't a virgin. I really enjoy the version of Alba's sister in Jane's mind, as she talks to Jane while she writes.

Rogelio is excited about the possibility of the CW adapting The Passions of Santos, and the lines about the CW are really funny. However, they want Rob Lowe as the lead. Rogelio calls on an important favor to help Xo.

Under the sea, Luisa still hasn't completely forgiven Rose for killing her father, so she wants to see the list of people that Rose has killed. The episode ends with a big telenovela twist as Rafael's mother dies.

The episode had some entertaining parts, but at times it felt lacking in humor. Also, Petra (and Anezka pretending to be Petra) was absent this week, and Rafael, who feels quite disconnected from the show now, hardly appeared.

Score: 8/10

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