The Simpsons Episode 600 Review

Welcome to a very special review of a very special episode of the Simpsons! I usually do not review the Simpsons, but the Simpsons reached a milestone last night. They have aired 600 episodes as of this episode. For that reason, I'm going to review the episode. Let's see how good this very important episode is.

The episode starts out with the Simpsons going Christmas Tree shopping on Halloween. They are confronted by some of their greatest nemeses: Sideshow Bob, Frank Grimes, Kang or Kodos, and a leprechaun. They are immediately killed by Maggie.

Next, the Simpsons does a Hunger Games parody. Burns is the leader of a dystopian Springfield, and he is keeping all of the water for himself. This is pretty funny, as we get to see him waste water as the parched Springfielders watch on. He orders the children to fight each other to the death. We see Lisa Simpson's character preparing for the games, along with Marge's character, who gets a new hairdo. We also meet Lisa's mentor, Homish. During the games, Lisa meets Peta and Pita, who are both killed by Homish. The kids get an idea to leave the Games and go after Burns' reservoir. They also do a Mad Max: Fury Road parody, which was enjoyable.

The second segment, called BFF/RIP, is the episode's strongest. It begins with Lisa playing hide-and-go seek, but her friend is killed by a lawnmower. There's some great lines in this segment, such as Lisa's "It makes a great college essay, but it's not worth it!' line. She briefly gets new BFFs in Sherri and Terri, who are killed by tombstones. She goes to a therapist who tells her that everything will be okay is killed by a framed poster. Wiggum begins to get suspicious of Lisa, and he has some amazing lines in here. Lisa realizes that her old imaginary fried, Rachel, is to blame. Unfortunately, Lisa is arrested. In prison, Rachel appears, and hints that she is going to kill Marge. Bart helps her escape, and they go to save Marge. Shoutout to Homer's awesome imaginary friend, Sergeant Sausage.

Moefinger is a parody of James Bond and Kingsman, and it features Moe and the rest of the bar regulars as secret agents. In it, Bart, their newest agent, is told about how his late father Homer was killed on a mission. They go to discover who killed him, but he never actually died. They end up at a Steely Dan concert, and Bart kills Homer and a bunch of bad guys.

The end of the episode shows just how many awful shows have had promos aired during the Simpsons, and that produced a few chuckles for me.

This was a great episode. The Treehouse of Horror episodes are always fantastic, and it's very fitting episode 600 was a Treehouse of Horror, arguably one of the most iconic parts of Simpsons history.
Score: 8.5
Grade: B+

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