Superstore S2E4 Review

The Cloud 9 spokesman gets into trouble, which causes some of this week's stories on Superstore.

S2E4 "Spokesman Scandal"

This week, the Cloud 9 spokesman has been accused of killing and eating people, and this leads to hilarious situations. It is really funny when Glenn gets everyone to sing to drown out the sound of the news story.

Amy and Jonah have to paint over a sign, and there is obvious romantic tension present this week while they keep daring each other to do things. Glenn discovers that many of the employees are likely on drugs, so he and Dina perform a drug test, which she is hilariously excited about. What is especially funny is when Amy has to name certain things while talking to Glenn.

Also this week, Cheyenne is obsessed with showing pictures of her sleeping baby, which is pretty funny, and Mateo thinks that the district manager may be interested in him.

Amy and Jonah's story was really funny, Glenn and Dena's was great, Cheyenne was really funny as well, while Mateo's story was alright.

Score: 9/10

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