Superstore S2E5 Review

This week, Cloud 9 is selling dogs! I would definitely buy one...or two...or all of them.

S2E5 "Dog Adoption Day"

At 6:00 in the morning, the employees hold a meeting, and it is really funny how the volunteering ends up being for a good thing. Jonah says that he doesn't really like dogs, which gets a hilarious reaction from the others. Cheyenne and Bo fight, Amy and Glenn are hilarious in their attempt to help the situation. I especially loved Glenn's impressions, that Cheyenne and Bo talk about politics, and when Glenn asks white choir or black choir.

Jonah and Mateo aggressively attempt to sell the dogs, which is pretty funny. Glenn takes Bo to look at a place for him and Cheyenne to live, which is funny. It's great to have Bo back. Garrett monitors Dina and finds all of the ways that she breaks the rules with bathroom breaks and such.

Jonah and Mateo's storyline, as well as Garrett and Dina's storyline were funny, but not very original. However, it was very interesting to see how Cheyenne and Bo's story concluded, with Bo fighting with the teacher that likes Cheyenne. I loved the very end of the episode, when Sandra never got to see the dogs.

This episode got off a to a really strong start, and the parts of the episode with Amy, Glenn, Cheyenne, and Bo were entertaining throughout the episode.

Score: 8.5/10

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