Fresh Off the Boat S3E3 Review

Halloween continued on ABC Tuesday night line-up, with Fresh Off the Boat also airing a Halloween episode.

S3E3 "Louisween"

Louis is very excited about Halloween, and it's really funny as he goes around scaring his family members. Jessica refuses to celebrate Halloween, and instead hopes to write a novel twice as fast as Stephen King. Louis has some hilarious attempts at scaring Jessica, though they all fail. There are also some great lines here, such as Jessica's line about child abduction. The family goes trick-or-treating together on November 1st, when Jessica decides to participate because her family likes the holiday.

Eddie and his friends get invited to a high school party, but the party ends up being lame, so it ends up being just him and Nicole. Evan is tired of being a sidekick in his and Emory's coordinated costumes. Also, Honey finally appeared again this week, and Grandma Huang was really funny.

The episode started out really funny, but Evan and Emory's story didn't end up really going anywhere interesting, and Eddie isn't that funny of a character often. Jessica remained mostly funny though.

Score: 8/10

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