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The Ratings Junkie Saturday, November 07, 2015
So we had a very eventful week--especially over the last few days. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday all hit consecutive all-time viewership highs thanks to every single one of you, and in six days we did better than four different months. Below are the Top Posts of the Week: if you missed them, clicking
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  1. It's ONLY Smoo's Opinion: How to Get Away with Dismantling a Website by Oh Smoo 
  2. Are Ad Rates Directly Correlated to Ratings?--CW Edition by theratingsjunkie
  3. Life in Pieces S1E6 Review by Hunter
  4. FOX Renew/Cancel Watch: Scream Queens is Likely to be Renewed by Alan
  5. Undateable S3E5 Review by Hunter
Honorable mentions go to a few ratings table posts, as well as the October 7 edition of FOX Renew/Cancel Watch.

Comment of the Week

I don't think I've ever had to decide between so many comments! Really hard to come up with one, so I picked the one that I thought could generate the most discussion:

Hmmm... I'm curious how popular of a streaming option CBS All Access is at the moment. I'm sure a Star Trek series will provide a substantial boost in subscriptions, but I'm betting on a lot of people waiting for this to expand into other outlets... Unless, of course, the series turns out to be exceptional and reaction is outstanding from the initial broadcast "preview." That's a tall order for a lot of shows to begin with, though, let alone a show that's trying to introduce all new characters into a pre-existing world of such an iconic series. I'm doubtful that we'll get many streaming stats for this beyond the Nielsen ratings of the preview episode, so, from there it'll be pretty unclear. I guess it's not much different from Netflix; we assume most of their shows are bonafide "hits" because they get additional seasons, but some/all could be doing poorly if compared to broadcast series and Netflix could just be making a long-term investment (something they've been very forward about) and, in the short-term, these series are not drawing big streaming numbers on an individual basis. Who knows.
Anyway, I think that this is a very interesting move, very much with the changing tide of delivering/viewing content, and could turn out well. I think they also need more exclusive content in order to sell the service beyond just episodes of old/on-air series and then this one Star Trek series. January 2017 is still a little over a year away, though, and it's very possible that we'll hear of new development for CBS All Access soon. This decision carries a lot of weight because if it's a success, more talent in front of and behind the camera will look to it for future projects. If something of this magnitude fails, on the other hand, it could be very costly for the service.

Question of the Week

Do you think we'll hear of more development for CBS All-Access between now and the beginning of the new Star Trek series?

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