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I only made one change from last week, being that Quantico, recently moved up to Certain to be Renewed, is back to being Likely to be Renewed. With both Castle and Nashville pre-empted this week, there really weren't any other predictions to be made.

Why is Quantico "Likely to be Renewed"?

New York Times
After a very healthy start in the high 1s and then staying steady in the mid 1s, Quantico appeared to have fixed the Sunday at 10pm spot to an extent, especially considering how weak its lead-in is. However, on Sunday it hit a series low of a 1.2. Granted, it was against the final game of the World Series, but a 1.2 in early November is fractional in the spring. To put things into perspective, that's the same rating that Revenge had last season. As such, I was actually tempted to move Quantico down TWO spots to Watching, but considering there are already two shows there and it may have been a fluke, it is still Likely to be Renewed for now. Keep a close eye on its ratings for Sunday's episode, as there may be another upward or downward movement.

Despite this 1.2, I'm not willing to bet it will be cancelled--yet. That may depend on how the midseason dramas do. At this point, I see two fall dramas being cancelled, one being Blood & Oil and the other being Castle--Nashville isn't too far behind but I think music sales and low production cost, as well as new syndication deals, may save it. Stay tuned.

Why is Wicked City "Certain to be Cancelled"?

Because it premiered fractional and went lower.

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