Jane the Virgin S3E10 Review

The first half of Jane the Virgin's third season with this episode, Chapter Fifty-Four.

S3E10 "Chapter Fifty-Four"

The episode starts out in an unusual way, with a Michael flashback instead of a Jane one. How strange. Jane gets great news: a potential new job that pays great and could lead to her writing career beginning. Rogelio is annoyed that she has stolen his thunder, which is funny. When talking to Xo, Jane ends up realizing that she was supposed to have her period five days earlier.

Jane tells Michael that she might be pregnant, and the question gets put off even longer when the pregnancy test from Xo turns out to be expired. Rogelio takes his family to the screening of the film he is in, but he gets very angry when it turns out they cut out his penis. This is funny, but sort of a typical story.

After getting excited about the idea of having a baby, it turns out Jane isn't pregnant, which is also something typical. Thanks to Anezka's blackmail, she gets to spend time with Petra's kids, which Petra is not happy about. Jane ends up actually getting along with Tess, which is interesting and surprising, and leads to Tess showing up at Jane's drunk.

Jane takes Tess to Xo and Alba's, and it is hilarious when she runs off, and they have to trap her. This leads to a great Alba moment. It is rare that she gets very many moments, which is sad because the ones we do get are so good. Jane accidentally gives Rogelio's pictures to her potential new boss instead of the summary, which is a total repeat of an early episode when Jane accidentally sent in a sexy story that was intended for Michael. There is a flashback to four years earlier, when Jane and Michael went on an awkward date to the fair, as in the present they go. The comparisons are really sweet.

After Michael points something out to Jane, she goes to the publisher, who tells her she passed the test. Petra is able to take care of the twins, which is really a great moment. I love seeing this accomplishment from her. Luisa introduces Rafael to her new girlfriend, who is really Rose, which is definitely entertaining. At the end of the episode, the "nerves" from the episode turned out to have been something serious, as Michael drops this. I wasn't a fan of Michael for very long, but this is extremely frustrating. Also, the episode ends with a flashforward three years in the future, where Jane says "we don't want to be late for the wedding".

I am so angry about this ending. The show just did the whole story of if Michael will or will not die, and honestly, they should have killed him off then instead of now. Also, this week there were some repetitive stories, but the ending was interesting, and I am very curious about that.

Score: 6.5/10

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