Mom S4E15 Review

Bonnie and Adam's relationship is loudly continuing this week on Mom.

S4E15 "Night Swimmin' and an English Muffin"

At the start of the episode, Christy is telling a story about a guy who hasn't called her, but is interrupted Bonnie who hilariously keeps going "ugh". It turns out that Bonnie only interrupted Christy to complain about the fact that they are at a table near the bathroom instead of at a booth like usual. Bonnie updates everyone on her and Adam's relationship, and Marjorie gives advice on this, but Bonnie leaves while Marjorie is speaking, which is very funny.

Bonnie and Adam are back together, and being loud. It is very funny as Christy tells Marjorie what's going on over the phone. A neighbor complains to Christy about the noise, and it's very funny when later that neighbor is intentionally listening. At AA, Jill talks about how she is worried about being a mom, and it's a pretty funny solution when she realizes she will be alright when she yells at the other girls.

Bonnie interrogates Adam about things having to do with his ex-wife. It is very funny when Bonnie talks about how he has answers for everything. I also loved when Adam asks why he loves Bonnie, and Christy shouts from the other room "we don't know". Bonnie breaks into Adam's ex's house, and it is a hilarious scene between the two of them. Bonnie and Adam walk his dog, which is incredibly cute, and Bonnie offers to take care of the dog sometimes.

Finally, another strong episode from Mom. This episode was filled with great jokes, and didn't feel lacking like many episodes have recently.

Score: 9.5/10

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