The Middle S8E15 Review

Dr. Goodwin makes an appearance on this week's episode of The Middle.

S8E15 "Dental Hijinks"

Axl and Hutch are having a party, which is pretty funny, when talk about what to do with the Winnebago after they graduate. Axl decides that they have to sell it. They have trouble selling it, until they meet three guys that are just like Axl, Hutch, and Kenny. Axl and Hutch reflect on their moments in the Winnebago, and they realize how soon they will be saying goodbye to each other, which was a great moment. It is funny then when Axl makes up that the new owners of the Winnebago would be responsible for the parking tickets they got, and that he is a law student.

Brick decides that he is going to submit a play of his own for his school about an unsung hero since Hamilton was so popular. There are some great jokes here, including about the hat he is wearing. Brick later shows a song from his musical to Mike, which is very funny. Brick is disappointed when his musical loses, and I loved that he references his similar attempt to do something with the motto. Brick tells Frankie that he is going to keep work-shopping the musical, and it is very funny when she says no bagpipes.

Frankie tries to get Dr. Goodwin to look at Mike's tooth, without trying to get Mike into the dentist. His attempts to look at the tooth is very funny. Mike goes to see Dr. Goodwin, and he tells him that they are going to lie about it. It is funny when Goodwin has issues with this, and when Mike has to make sure that the follow-up appointment is with Goodwin. The lies get more and more out of hand, and it's funny when Mike ends up having a nightmare with Goodwin in it.

Sue talks to the guy she is interested in dating, and it is pretty funny when Jeremy shows up. He invites her to watch a movie, but when she goes to watch the movie with him, she discovers that he has a girlfriend. While I enjoy seeing Sue having more grown up stories, this one is not that original. In the end, the guy's girlfriend breaks up with him because she realized he likes Sue, and it is funny when it takes Sue some time to figure out that she is the other girl.

Brick was hilarious this week, and Mike and Goodwin's story was entertaining. Axl's story wasn't very interesting until the end of it, and Sue's wasn't very original.

Score: 7/10

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