Mom S4E13 Review

This week, Bonnie gets a new friend, but he may be more than just a friend.

S4E13 "A Bouncy Castle and an Aneurysm"

After Adam is hung over, Bonnie goes to a wine festival alone, where she only eats the food, and meets a guy who is also an alcoholic. When the guy comes to a meeting, the other women think it's a bad thing she hasn't told Adam, and there is an especially funny line about if Marjorie has a motto of the day calendar. However, I believe Bonnie has made the same joke before. Bonnie has dinner with the guy, and they end up kissing.

Christy lies for Bonnie when she had told Adam that they were going to dinner together, and it is pretty funny since Christy is so bad at lying. Bonnie wonders whether or not she should tell Adam about the kiss, and Christy explains to her why she shouldn't, for Adam. However, Bonnie doesn't listen, and Adam gets angry. At the end, Adam breaks up with Bonnie, which was a surprising ending, and then Marjorie says a motto, and Bonnie dumps her plate on her.

This was a good episode. However, it wasn't anything great. Not every part of it was very original, and Christy was a little bit annoying.

Score: 7.5/10

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