Modern Family S8E13 Review

Peyton Manning guest stars in this week's self-reliance themed episode.

S8E13 "Do It Yourself"

After fixing a dryer, Phil decides that he wants to go into commercial real estate. This story takes too much of a long and winding road to get to this. It is funny when he talks to Jay though about his idea. It is very Modern Family in style when Phil starts worrying after Gil Thorpe comes by, Phil's offer isn't countered, and the dryer starts having problems. It turns out in the end, however, that Gil was just faking his criticism of Phil's idea.

Claire and Haley take a class from a TV chef because Claire's crush on him leads to her not paying attention and making bad food, and Haley wants him to tell her that she is bad at this. This story is not all that original, but there is a solid joke when Haley compliments Claire's singing.

After Gloria gets a coach (played by Peyton Manning) to teach Joe how to catch, Jay wants to prove that he can do things. So, Jay goes onto the roof when there is an issue with the satellite, and gets stuck. I feel like we have totally gotten this story before, but I did love when Gloria thought that Jay's voice coming from the roof was him in heaven.

Mitch and Cam try to teach Lily to be self-reliant, in a story that practically screams the episode's theme at viewers. I also found this story to be fairly boring, though, like the Claire and Jay stories, it did have a particularly funny moment when Cam assumes the cleaning lady that comes to the door is Lily's mother.

Claire and Haley had the strongest story this week, though by that I do not mean to say that it was strong. Phil's story was largely uninteresting, and the other two were fairly boring. This felt very much like an old-age episode, and its theme was painful in how much it was stressed.

Score: 3/10

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