Superior Donuts S1E2 Review

The premiere of Superior Donuts showed potential, but I didn't love it then. If the show can end up being like the end of the last episode, it will be a good one.

S1E2 "What's the Big Idea?"

At the beginning, Franco suggests ideas for Superior Donuts, and the man from Iraq tries to get Arthur to sell him the shop. What's funny in the teaser is when one character comes in with dogs, and there is one that is dressed up. Franco experiments, and comes up with a donut that people end up loving. Arthur isn't happy about this, and it is funny when Franco brags about how well the donuts are doing. I also loved when Arthur references Julius Ceaser (et tu) and the person responds that he ate more than two.

Randy (Katey Sagal's character) has some very funny lines this week, such as when she assumes a word game is a word for masturbation, when she has a funny remark in response to her partner's Doctor Who obsession, and when she wishes there were whiskey burritos. After Randy says that people like strange flavors these days, Arthur comes up with a new type of donut, which he hilariously calls a dill donut, until he realizes what it sounds like. I loved Randy helping him figure that out as well.

When Franco wonders why Arthur is so mad, Randy talks to him, and there is a funny line after Franco comments on how no one uses CDs anymore, and Randy responds not to make her plant drugs on him. As Arthur talks through things, it is very funny as the Iraqi man gets excited and pulls out the contract and goes through it. Arthur decides to teach Franco how to make a jelly donut, and Franco suggests a peanut butter and jelly donut. It is really great to see these two get along so well.

Like with the pilot, this episode got better as it went on, though this time that was more evident, and it was better overall. Randy is easily my favorite character, as she has all of the best lines, and Katey Sagal delivers them excellently. Some of the jokes in the episode aren't that funny, but most shows need to work on something.

Score: 8/10

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