American Housewife Season 1 Episode 14 Review

Time for Love
Katie and the Ottos celebrate Valentine's Day on tonight's American Housewife!

The episode begins Taylor coming in and yelling that she needs to go to volleyball, and Katie leaves to take her. Before she leaves, we see a great flashback to previous Valentine's Days, which is great. In the car, the kids are talking about Valentine's Day, and they discover that Oliver has bought something for his girlfriend. The episode then moves forward to Katie and her friends, talking about how Valentine's Day encourages a "generation of hookers", which is great. She then starts to stress about what Greg will do for Valentine's Day. At school, Oliver wishes his "girlfriend" Alice a happy Valentine's Day, and she acts strange and leaves for class. This is very funny, because it turns out that school is over. Back at the Otto house, Katie is walking outside and hears Hall & Oates, and assumes that Greg has a surprise waiting. It turns out that Greg is just in the bedroom, not doing anything. Katie is happy about this, and wonders if she can get him to stop playing "Historical Charades" on President's Day. We get another great flashback, this time to Historical Charades, with Greg acting out the Teapot Dome Scandal. Later on, Anna Kat throws out her Valentine's, and it turns out that the Ottos (sans Taylor) are all so over Valentine's Day. Greg calls Katie to his office, and he still has no surprise for her. At this part, it becomes pretty clear that Katie truly does want a surprise. She finds a present, and it was just a piece of candy, though she destroys it while searching for clues to a bigger surprise, which is great.

We get to find out why all of the events of Valentine's Day happened, when the day restarts, giving us a different view. Taylor goes into Greg's office and asks to go to a party. When Greg asks Katie, Taylor comes running in to got to volleyball practice and Katie and the kids go. When they leave, Greg prepares for a Valentine's surprise, the biggest one yet. I love how Greg doesn't care that this is something his wife has repeatedly said she does not want. At lunch with her friends, Katie and the girls are talking when Greg calls Doris. Doris tells Greg how much she hates the surprises, and Greg gets really sad. It made me feel so bad for him, because he just wanted to do something nice for Katie. At school, Anna Kat sees Alice with another boy, and she threatens Alice. This is hilarious, and I just love Anna Kat so freaking much. At home, Greg is cleaning up when he gets an idea. He uses the leaf blower to clean up the petals, but the Hall & Oates choir (the one that Katie heard in the first half of the episode) that he hired has already arrived. Katie arrives, and he's forced to let the choir in. Katie starts to walk in as the choir goes out the back door and Greg pays them to leave. He runs upstairs before she sees him and acts as if everything is totally normal. This whole scene was great. The episode now returns to where we left off, and Katie finds out what Doris told Greg.

Katie and Greg start to argue, and Oliver and Anna Kat start to converse. Anna Kat tells Oliver not to give Alice the keychain and runs upstairs with it. While Katie and Greg continue to argue, the kids interrupt them, and Anna Kat tells them why she won't let Oliver give Alice the keychain. Anna Kat is a scene stealer again, and oh my God is she adorable. She tells the family about her threat, and they have really funny reactions. Taylor calls Katie, and she finds out that none of Taylor's friend's moms are at the party. They go to get her, and then proceed to yell at her. Back at home, Oliver gives Anna Kat the keychain, which is so adorable. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm starting to like Oliver.

The episode ends with Katie in bed reading Greg's book proposal. Greg gets turned on and they start to kiss. Confetti then falls from the sky, a great way to end the episode.

This was a terrific episode, as good as or better than my other favorite, The Nap. Everyone was so great in this, and the characters all played great roles in the episode.

Episode Score: 10/10
Episode Grade: A+

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