Fresh Off the Boat S3E15 Review

This week, an infomercial is filmed at Cattleman's, and Jessica's papaya is stolen.

S3E15 "Living While Eddie"

At the start of the episode, Louis announces that an infomercial will be filmed at Cattleman's Ranch. Emery is a fan of infomercials, which is an interesting trait, and he asks to go to the filming. Louis gets a role when someone calls in sick, but he messes up the line over and over again. His messing up was funny, but it went on for a long time. Emery ends up replacing Louis, and it is funny when he admits to sabotaging Louis, and when Louis gets a consolation bobble-head. Emery ends up having a blinking problem while on camera. At the end of the episode, the family watches the infomercial, and they ended up making fun of both Louis and Emery, which is pretty funny.

Jessica discovers that someone ate her papaya, and it is hilarious when she asks about Bible justice, and takes Eddie's cereal.  Evan discovers the dishwasher, and it is hilarious how excited he is about this. Jessica, however, is opposed to the use of the dishwasher. When it is used, she immediately assumes that Eddie did it. Later, Jessica gets a call that Eddie was shoplifting, and it is funny when she gets mad at the person for not being clear on the phone as to which location it was at. Jessica discovers that Evan actually ate her papaya, not Eddie, and she becomes proud of him standing up for Evan.

I loved Jessica and Eddie's story, but I didn't love Louis and Emery's. It was fine, and had some good jokes, but was nothing great.

Score: 8/10

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