Superstore S2E14 Review

This week, it is hot in Cloud 9, and heat leads to tensions running high.

S2E14 "Super Hot Store"

At the start of the episode, Garrett makes a funny announcement about it being hot in the store. Garrett later discovers that Glenn is using air conditioning in his office, and it is funny when he convinces Glenn to leave the office, and he enjoys the coolness himself. Dina joins Garrett in the office, and there is a funny conversation about fake walkaways, between times of them having sex.

Amy asks Marcus to clean up a yogurt spill, and after he doesn't, Amy confronts him, and gets angry about the things that Marcus says to her, especially when he tells her that she should smile. There is a great scene where Mateo really wants to clean up the spill, but Amy won't let him. When Amy fires Marcus, all of the warehouse employees walk out, so Amy and Jonah lead a team to do their job. It is funny at the end when Amy realizes she doesn't have the authority to fire Marcus, but he comes back asking for his job back.

Glenn calls corporate to fix the heat, but their computers are wrong, and there is a funny line about that. He decides then to fix the heat himself, but it turns out that it is more complicated than he had thought. Also, in this scene on the roof, there is a hilarious moment when Cheyenne helps him realize his ancestors built slave ships. Glenn and Cheyenne talk, and it is very funny when he suggests that they travel the world together.

The stories this week were all very funny, though Dina and Garret's wasn't great. This was a very enjoyable episode, with many great jokes.

Score: 9.5/10

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