The 100 S4E4 Review

This week, a team looks for another solution to survive, while political tensions get more tense.

S4E4 "A Lie Guarded"

Near the start of the episode, what's assumed to be black rain comes, and everyone runs inside, except Jasper. Monty tries to go rescue Jasper, and Jasper fakes the rain being dangerous, but then reveals he was joking. Honestly, it's hard to see Jasper making it out of this season alive, since he doesn't care at all about surviving. The team that includes Abby, Raven, and Murphy hoping to use night blood to save them crosses a line that they are not supposed to cross on the island, and it results in a drone shooting at them. Roan wants Kane to tell him what Skaikru's plan is, and two people are brought in, one of which is Bellamy, to make him talk. After he does, the other one's throat is slit, and Roan announces that Skaikru and Trikru are the enemy because Kane didn't share their plans.

Jasper discovers Clarke's list, and I find it hard to believe that they would be able to find it so easily. Jasper discovers that Monty isn't on the list. Then, Jasper plans to announce the existence of the list, but Clarke has him arrested. There are so many season 1 parallels here, when Clarke was on the other side of things. Being in charge is difficult. I love watching this struggle. Octavia discovers that the alliance has been broken, and that she is being searched for. Monty talks to Clarke about the list, and it is a wonderful scene, but sad to see them so against each other. Monty announces to everyone the truth, and reads off the list. Clarke becomes surrounded by her own, angry people, who she is only wanting the best for.

Raven chases down Luna to save her, yet another case of saving someone who doesn't want saving. Raven tries to get Luna to help her, and manages to convince her. I mean, who couldn't be convinced by freaking Lindsey Morgan? Abby tries to sacrifice herself to help the others, but the drone suddenly falls to the ground. Clarke explains how the list isn't fair, but it is smart. Jaha defends Clarke, but offers up an alternative option, a lotto, but one that depends on people working. Jaha helps Clarke realize what people heard from what she said. I'm glad that his experience in a similar situation is being useful. Octavia is chased down, but when she is cornered, she puts up a fight. The fight is pretty epic. Then, something I thought would never happen happened, and Octavia is seemingly killed.

Clarke talks to Jasper, and Clarke tells Jasper how her view on Jaha's actions have changed. Roan tells Kane and Bellamy of his plan to take over the shelter. Then Bellamy discovers of Octavia's death. "It was a good death" is definitely true, as she did die in the most Octavia way possible. That is, if she has died. However, the next scene reveals that Octavia somehow survived the fall. It is quite unrealistic, but at least Octavia is surviving. She is one of the show's best characters, and it would be a real tragedy for her to have died. And, the show has been ruthless in the past, so it can save characters from situations where they obviously should have died every once in a while.

Clarke's story this week was excellent, and Raven had some strong moments as well. I will forgive Octavia's non-death, because Octavia is so great, and I am really interested in seeing where this defeat leads her. Roan breaking the alliance seemed very sudden, but it got the story moving quickly, which is what this show does.

Score: 9/10

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