Superstore S2E13 Review

Love is in the air at Cloud 9, at least as much as it could be in a big box store.

S2E13 "Valentine's Day"

Glenn is excited about people getting together, and it is funny when Amy explains to him the concept of by comparing it to Christian Mingle. Amy discovers that an old employee named Arthur likes Myrtle, so she ends up setting them up. There is a hilarious line here where Myrtle says that "he doesn't even have to be white".

Amy and Glenn put things in Myrtle's locker that are supposed to be from Arthur, and it is hilarious when they help her look for the card. Myrtle accuses Arthur of sexual harassment, and when Amy talks to her about it, customers get involved, and the situation gets hilarious.

Everyone has to watch a sexual harassment video, and the employees wonder how you figure out if someone likes you in the workplace. There are some hilarious parts here, especially when Dina suggests compiling a spreadsheet to figure out if any two people like each other.

Jonah and Dina attempt to catch a shoplifter by having Jonah go undercover as a customer. Glenn hilariously believes that Jonah isn't Jonah, and is stunned by how similar they look. Jonah talks to the customer, and he ends up liking her, and tells Dina she isn't the shoplifter. There is a funny ending to this, when Dina pretends to be married to Jonah.

Cheyenne reveals Mateo's secret to Garrett after Mateo gets annoyed by Sandra buying herself things and saying they are from Jeff. Garrett decides to annoy Mateo by playing a song that is supposed to be dedicated to Sandra. At the end, Mateo is fine when Jeff calls him his boyfriend.

The main story of this episode was hilarious, and I loved the scene with everyone in the break room. Those types of scenes are always great. The other two stories weren't as strong, though the Jonah and Dina one had its moments.

Score: 9/10

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