Fresh Off the Boat S3E14 Review

Marvin's ex-wife appears this week on Fresh Off the Boat.

S3E14 "The Gloves Are Off"

Jessica prepares to go to a yard sale, and it is pretty funny when she asks the family what they want. At the yard sale, Jessica sees Marvin's ex-wife Sarah, and is impressed with her negotiating, which is entertaining, Jessica tries to get Honey and Sarah to get along, and it is pretty funny when they both have to stay in the bar because Sarah McLachlan is playing.

Honey vents to Jessica about how Nicole doesn't feel like she has to try because Sarah keeps telling her she will get her a job, so Jessica gets Sarah fired. It is pretty funny when Jessica struggles to understand venting. In the end, Jessica gets Sarah her job back, and Sarah and Honey talk about the problems between them, leading to Sarah being more responsible, instead of just a fun parent.

Grandma Huang wants a motorized wheelchair, and Emery and Evan discover that, if she is old enough, she can get it for free, so they try to figure out how old she is. Once they discover she is old enough, they go to the store, and it is funny when the guy working there makes comments about how she looks definitely old enough. The tag scene is very funny, when Grandma Huang is compared to a shark.

The story with Jessica had some good funny moments, though I thought it wrapped up too neatly. The Grandma Huang story didn't have much that was very interesting about it until near the end.

Score: 7/10

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