Jane the Virgin S3E11 Review

After last week's surprising ending, and then a reveal that totally changes the series, I have been waiting all week to see what this week's episode ends up like.

S3E11 "Chapter Fifty-Five"

The episode begins two weeks after Michael's death. Alba is helping Jane get over the loss, which was a scene that I loved. Then, the episode goes ahead three years ahead to where the show will now be set. Alba and Jane struggle with Mateo, and it is funny that Jane has a specific system in regards to Mateo's behavior. It turns out that the wedding is between Rogelio and Darci, but it is on their reality show. It is funny when a promo reveals that Xo has been portrayed as a villain, and can't go outside without people getting angry. Rafael is now calm after prison, which Petra doesn't like. Rafael has a serious girlfriend now, and it seems their relationship is great, so I really hope it keeps up.

Jane and Petra seem in conflict, which I am very unhappy about. I really wish that they were getting along, and that Petra would sympathize with Jane's difficulties, rather than being condescending. Xo and Rogelio make up after the reality show had torn them apart. Petra has an interesting relationship with the owner of a neighbor hotel, who are in conflict about business, but it turns out also have sex. Rafael suggests that he and Jane take Mateo to martial arts to help with his behavior, and Jane is surprised when it works. Jane brings her novel to her boss, and it is a great scene, with Gina Rodriguez great as nervous Jane.

Mateo doesn't get invited to a birthday party, so Rafael goes to Petra to make it happen. However, things do not go well with Mateo at the party, and at the same time Jane and Petra have an argument. Jane's novel gets chosen, and it turns out that this novel is actually one about her and Michael. Jane is really nervous about reading the first chapter. The scene between her and Rafael is really emotional until Rafael goes totally out of zen mode, pressuring Jane to go on stage, which was a weird twist of tone.

After Jane finishes her reading, there is a great brief moment between Xo and Alba, and how proud of Jane they are. Xo also decides to be strong, allowing Rogelio to continue with his reality show for one more year so he can get his dream project on the air. Jane listens to a message she has saved from Michael, which is really a great moment, and I do wish we got to see some more of her mourning, like an episode or two dedicated to it. Jane and Petra talk, and when Jane opens up, it gets deep, and flashbacks reveal how they have bonded. I loved this so much, and I like that the conflict between them was just a minor thing. Jane finds out a publisher wants to buy her novel, and her joy can be felt so strongly. Of course, the end of the episode has a twist, where it looks like Scott is dead and was buried by the Marbella.

The episode turned out better than I had thought it would, and while I was annoyed by the conflict between Jane and Petra, I liked that their bond was deeper. I would have liked more flashbacks, because it feels like the aftermath of Michael's death was skipped over a bit too much, but the show's decisions turned out better than I had expected.

Score: 9/10

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