Bull S1E13 Review

This week, the case has to do with a large video game tournament.

S1E13 "The Fall"

The team this week is going to defend an e-sports player who was accused of throwing a major game. This taps into the show's obsession with being high-tech, which is shown again when Bull and the player play a virtual golf game.

Bull and the lawyer have an interesting dynamic, as she likes to act like she is in charge and knows everything in front of the client. She is very easy to hate. They end up getting stuck with a juror they don't want because the lawyer doesn't trust Bull. Chunk talks to the teammates, and it's odd because that seems like something Bull should be doing.

One of the teammates starts lying on the stand, and the jurors can sense it. The person who fired the player offers to settle after he realizes he screwed up, which was interesting. A big shock comes when Bull reveals that the player is displaying signs of a neurological disorder.

The player discovers that he has Parkinson's, and I wish there was even more of Bull comforting him about this. But, the show turned to the trial after not much talking about the diagnosis. They get the settlement offer back on the table, and with a confidentiality clause.

Also this week, Cable re-visited an old romance due to the topic of this video game. I liked that the show added a related personal story, and I really like that the story was about Cable. I thought that was an interesting choice, and a good one.

I loved the juror selection this week, and Cable's story. As the trial went on, it got less interesting, but it was never bad.

Score: 8.5/10

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