Speechless S1E14 Review

It's the first Valentine's Day episode of Speechless this week.


The kids discover that Maya used to have a fiance, who was Jimmy's roommate. It is hilarious when Jimmy joins in with the kid's chanting of "tell us". It is also very funny when they do not believe that Jimmy punched someone. Maya and Jimmy decide to actually celebrate Valentine's Day, and Jimmy turns out to be very good at it. I loved her shouting "there aren't this many reasons to love me!"

Maya hopes to recreate the night that she and Jimmy got together, but that doesn't work out, so she asks the principal to make them chaperone, so that Valentine's Day will be ruined. At the end, they get the heat back when Jimmy again punches his former roommate.

Ray gets accidentally sent a candy gram, and when Dylan discovers what happened, she decides to use it. She pretends to be Ray's secret admirer, and sends him texts, which is entertaining. After Dylan tells Ray about what she did, she hilariously forces a girl to dance with him, which I loved.

J.J. ends up eating a bunch of chocolates that he was supposed to give to people, so he and Kenneth try to get people to send candy grams to him to make up for the ones that he ate. This ends up working, until J.J. gets Kenneth to start eating the chocolates. This story was funny, but not that funny.

The main story with Maya and Jimmy was very strong, and had many great jokes. The other stories were also entertaining, but not as much so.

Score: 9/10

What did you think of "V-A-L-VALENTINE'S D-A-DAY"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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