Superior Donuts S1E5 Review

This week's episode of Superior Donuts has to do with protesting.

S1E5 "Takin' It to the Streets"

Franco and Sweatpants are getting pushed out of their apartment, and it turns out that it is Fawz who wants to turn it into a condo. Franco gets angry at Fawz about this, and there are some hilarious moments when Sweatpants tries to back Franco up, such as when he talks about how Franco likes to take it. Franco starts a protest, and he tries to get Arthur involved, but he insists he will remain neutral. It is hilarious when the protest chases one of Fawz's best customers away, and he chases after them. Fawz has some more great moments when he turns everything into a promotion for his business while being interviewed. However, things take a wrong turn when someone spray paints "Arab go home" on the dry cleaner.

Arthur tells Franco about his history with protesting, trying to encourage Franco to not give it up. Arthur decides to take action, and spray paints "Arabs welcome" on his window. Franco and Fawz talk, and it is a great discussion. I especially loved Fawz's line about people hating him for the content of his character. At the end of the episode, Fawz announces that he will continue to let the poor people stay in their apartments, and it's funny when he tries to get everyone excited after they discover his real motives.

Randy has to be nice to James so that he will write her a recommendation, and it's funny when she struggles through situations where he makes a total ass of himself. James gets totally overdressed for the protest in preparation in case it turns into a riot, and it is very funny when Randy goes back and forth between complimenting him, and making fun of him to another officer. Randy reveals to James why she was being so nice, and it's very funny when he discovers how much longer she has to be nice to him for.

This was the show's best episode yet. It's been obvious that this show wants to be relevant and tackle the issues, and this week it did that very well, with just the right amounts of seriousness and humor. Fawz had many great moments this week, making him really stand out. But Randy was just as funny as usual in her story.

Score: 10/10

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