The 100 S4E3 Review

Few can survive with the current plans that Clarke has, but can she find a way for more to survive? And if not, how does she decide who lives and who dies?

S4E3 "The Four Horsemen"

Clarke and Raven discuss who will be on the inside and be able to survive, but are interrupted when sick grounders arrive. Abby determines that they are sick due to radiation, and it is revealed that fish are dying. Raven concludes that rather than six months, they have two months. Raven again pressures Clarke into planning who will live and how to handle the fact that some will have to die. Jaha reveals that there may be a bunker created by a doomsday cult that everyone could survive in.

Murphy returns to Arkadia, and it is a scene with great Murphy sass. Abby argues with Raven about using radiation medication, and I was fairly annoyed about Abby being so persistent and guilt tripping Raven when she was making a difficult choice. Murphy, listening to Abby and Raven's argument, decides to help out Abby. Why is nobody listening to Raven's reasoning this week? Think about the big picture!

Octavia figures out who has stolen the flame, and ends up getting in a fight with her, but doesn't kill her when Indra stops her, because this turns out to be her daughter. I love this reveal, because it brings a new layer to Indra. I loved a line from Indra's daughter about how Octavia is Indra's new daughter. The people destroying all tech break in, and the flame gets destroyed, it seems. It turns out, however, that this was not actually the flame, but Indra's daughter's necklace.

Raven discovers the medicine that was stolen, but Abby had only used one dose, which was unsuccessful. Raven witnesses the mourning over this death. Please don't have one of our most reasonable characters overpowered by emotion! Raven is being very reasonable, and if that is undermined, what happens?

Clarke, Bellamy, and Jaha look for the bunker, after a strangely long time of them not being in the episode, Seriously, the structure of this episode is weird. There are long breaks between seeing certain stories, and acts devoted to one story. They find the bunker, and discover a large amount of dead bodies. Of course this didn't work, because that would be too simple of a solution.

Clarke actually makes a list of people to survive. I'd like to know what exactly that list is based on. Clarke puts Bellamy on the list, and he insists that if he is on it, she has to be. He writes her name down in spot 100. I really enjoyed this scene, but I wish there was more to it. Luna's body rejects the radiation, which is an interesting development. They conclude that this is because she is a night blood. I don't know where they go from that, but it is bound to be interesting.

The structure of this episode was odd, and the only story I liked that much was Octavia's. Clarke, Bellamy, and Jaha had their moments, but the story wasn't all that compelling, and I really had problems with Abby.

Score: 6.5/10

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