Modern Family S8E14 Review

This week, the story with Phil's new lot continues, as he aims to fulfill his dream of building Dunphy Towers.

S8E14 "Heavy is the Head"

The episode begins with Phil attempting to break ground on his new lot, when he is given an offer from a neighbor. Jay wants to sell if he comes back with a bigger offer, though Phil is attached to his dream. However, they discover sewage lines, which would cost a lot of time and money. Phil and Jay end up concluding instead of a building, they will build a parking lot.

After disliking the gift Gloria gave her last year, Claire tries to be accepting of Gloria's birthday present. Gloria comes to Claire's office, while Claire also deals with employees upset by budget cuts. The employees discover Claire getting a massage and manicure, so Gloria reminds them of how hard Claire works.

While helping Lily with a science project, Cam ends up getting hit in the head. So, he has to get an MRI, and Mitch struggles to get him into the machine. This really isn't as funny as it attempts to be, and it also is very similar to Cam's concerns in the original Halloween episode. Eventually, Mitch finds a way to comfort Cam as he goes into the machine.

Alex is really well liked by her co-workers, and is really enjoying that. That is very in-character for Alex. She goes to the manager about her co-workers' shifts, and the ideas she presents end up making her assistant manager. Trying to work this out, she ends up becoming the manager. Meanwhile, Manny explains Game of Thrones to Haley, which is entertaining.

Honestly, this was a really bad episode, the worst yet. Alex's story wasn't that bad, but the rest of them were. Phil and Jay's was especially bad, with it pretty much just going problem is introduced then quickly to solution thought of, and Phil's dreams being thrown away way too quickly. Also, Mitch and Cam's disagreement over whether Mitch is good at things was so annoying.

Score: 2.5/10

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