The Middle S8E14 Review

This week, the kids stage an intervention due to the parents' yelling.

S8E14 "Sorry Not Sorry"

When a water pipe leaks, and at the same time Brick is running out of time to turn in a paper online, it results in an argument between Frankie and Mike as to who does more work in the house. This kind of argument happens in sitcoms, but it gets better when the kids stage an intervention the next day. Frankie and Mike discuss whether this was an intervention, and it is funny when Frankie concludes that it was an intervention because Axl and Sue got up before 10:00 in the morning.

After the parents apologize to the kids, so Axl concludes that they have leverage. The kids go to the parents, and after Brick is put on the spot, he asks for ice cream sandwiches instead of a vacation to Florida. It is hilarious when Brick gives his reasoning as to why he said ice cream sandwiches. The parents realize how much they do, and that they shouldn't have apologized, but then flip back when Brick injures himself.

The parents want the kids to be helpful, and it isn't long until Sue comes to help. When Mike goes to yell at Axl, he is surprised to discover he got everyone burgers. Also, Axl points out how, like Axl, he never apologizes. At the end, Frankie and Mike realize that Axl and Sue are mature and smart now, which was really a great moment that also reflected on the fact that they are in college, and that the show is in season eight.

While at times the episode bordered on repetitive, it ended up being an episode that really tapped into the family dynamic and the growth of Axl and Sue.

Score: 9/10

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