Speechless S1E15 Review

This week, Maya and Ray bond by going to a country club.


Ray is upset that he and Maya don't have a thing that they do together. However, after the family goes into a country club (which has a funny moment when a person who works there asks Maya if she is a member), and Ray discovers that this is his place. It is hilarious when he tells his family that he identifies as rich.

To prepare to not be too enthused , Maya and Ray get their enthusiasm out in the car, which is very funny. Ray lies about having to study for trigonometry to play tennis with a different mom, and it is very funny when Maya goes to the school, and discovers Ray doesn't have to be there, because he is smart. Ray apologizes to Maya by preparing tea for her, which was a great resolution, and the trains going by was funny.

After J.J. ignores Kenneth's plans, J.J. decides to use a board that talks itself. There are funny moments when J.J. reveals to Kenneth all that it can do. Dylan tries to get them back together, and it is a funny little scene when they watch The Parent Trap. Dylan tries even harder to get J.J. and Kenneth back together by pretending to be J.J. talking to him, which is funny.

Maya and Ray's story was great. It had many great moments and made total sense with their characters. J.J. and Kenneth's story was also entertaining, though not quite as much so.

Score: 9.5/10

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