Son of Zorn Season 1 Review

Son of Zorn wrapped up its inaugural (and possibly sole) season tonight, and I've got lots of thoughts on it.

Son of Zorn, since the day I first heard about it, has intrigued me. The season has had its share of good, great, and disappointing episodes. This show was so inconsistent, with some great episodes like the Thanksgiving episode followed by a good but not great episode. One thing was undeniable, the show found its footing after weaker start, and I loved to tune in each week to see what kind of an episode we would get. Sometimes, I'd be disappointed, but most times I'd sit through 20 minutes of enjoyable TV that I'm going to miss greatly. What I loved about this show is that yes, the premise is weird. But that weird premise allowed it to do things other sitcoms could not. The ability of this show to be different and funny was why I was always excited to watch each week.

The cast of this show was great, and weirdly had great chemistry with Zorn. Tim Meadows made me laugh every single episode as the dorky but lovable Craig, and me was my favorite member of this all-around strong cast. Even though I loved Craig, there's no denying that the heart and soul of this show was Zorn. He provided laughs constantly, and the best plots always involved him.

I'm not going to say that this show was without its flaws, it had problems. It didn't quite reach its full potential in this season. I feel that not going to Zephyria was a mistake. I think that could have provided some funny moments, as the animated characters and the pure weirdness of Zephyria was great. Ultimately, despite the show being named after him, Alan was one of the weakest parts of the show. His character rarely provided laughs, and the best scenes involving his character always involved Zorn.

Ultimately, Son of Zorn was a good show that was always enjoyable and never anything less than fun. I never found myself bored, which is always a good thing. I always found myself enjoying the performances by everyone. I don't expect to see another season of this weird, funny, and interesting show, but I will welcome it with open arms if it happens.

Season Grade: 8.5/10
Season Score: B+
MVP: Tim Meadows
Episode of the Season: The Battle of Thanksgiving

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