Fresh Off the Boat S3E12 Review

Jessica's sister comes to town this week on Fresh Off the Boat.

S3E12 "Sisters Without Subtext"

This episode has to do with the relationship between Jessica and her sister. The subtext of their conversations are always great. But, this time, Jessica is sincere, when she realizes that her sister is trying to be like her. There is also a hilarious line about what Jessica will do with Grandma Huang's room when she "moves". However, Jessica discovers that the college her sister wants to go to is an art school.

Jessica is critical of her sister's direction in life, and has a great line about how "personal enrichment" is a waste of the word "rich". Jessica shows Louis her paintings, and there is a hilarious line when he mistakes a painting of the resurrection as a kangaroo. Louis convinces Jessica that she can have hobbies, so then Jessica goes to her sister, and it is a great moment, with positive subtext.

Marvin brings Honey, Eddie, Emery, and Evan to see an old people's home, which is very strange. It is kind of funny though. The conclusion is pretty typical and expected, where Honey and Marvin talk about their age difference.

Jessica's story was strong, but the other story was not that strong. It had a few good moments, but not very many.

Score: 8.5/10

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